Our Story

AZEZANA creates exceptional, handmade silk and cashmere textiles of lasting beauty, true to Afghanistan‘s long tradition of silk and cashmere weaving artistry.

AZEZANA empowers the most destitute of Afghan society by providing Afghan widows, female orphans and women in need with the specialized skills necessary to weave silk and cashmere scarves and thus earn a sustainable living.

Discover how our passion for handicrafts brings inspired designs to life.

AZEZANA is an abbreviation of Arzoe Zane Afghan and stands for “Hope of Afghan women”. It was prompted by the belief that teaching a transferable skill to thousands of widows, female orphans and women in need would mean providing an opportunity to enter a world of economic independence and dignity.

AZEZANA is revealing the legendary craftsmanship of Afghan silk scarves to the modern world. Until now, this has not been possible.
For centuries, Afghanistan was known for its crafts, textiles and delicate needlework. The Herat region of Afghanistan has historically been a major center of silk production along the famous Silk Road.

AZEZANA believes creating elegant silk shawls of distinctive design and exquisite detail is worthless if the processes involved cause harm to our environment.
AZEZANA shawls are therefore made of pure, handspun silk and created through a process cultivated in the lap of nature, starting from the silk cocoons that are grown in their natural surroundings to most dyes that are extracted from natural sources.

Afghanistan is ranked as one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. We believe that AZEZANA can contribute its fair share to help rebuild Afghanistan by focusing on the idea that everything we do needs to have a positive impact on the Afghan economy.

The people who make our products

AZEZANA strongly believes that we can help facilitate mutual respect and appreciation between Afghans and the wider world. By creating a mutable, transformative and positive exchange between you and AZEZANA, we can tear down walls of misconception and prejudice. We would like to encourage you to get to know more about the very personal lives of Afghans. You will come to know that despite each of our employees having their own story, their dreams and aspirations are universal and shared by you as well.

Empowering Afghan Women







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AZEZANA was established with the vision to reinvigorate the silk industry and empower Afghanistan’s most destitute to live a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.

Our mission is to offer our customers an unrivaled, ecologically friendly, quality garment while adhering to the highest standards of social responsibility. By alleviating poverty through commerce and distributing our products to many, AZEZANA can help more people achieve their goal for a better future and yet be self-sufficient and prosperous.