Uni Brown Exclusive (Black Fringes)


Silk Scarf Handmade by Women in Afghanistan

This AZEZANA brown scarf is carefully and skillfully handwoven by widows and women in need in Afghanistan. Earning a living through the production of these scarves empowers them to live a life of economic independence and dignity. This beautiful mars brown silk scarf owes its vivid colors to natural dyes used, its beauty reflecting the dream for a brighter future.

The silk is sourced from the Herat region of Afghanistan that is historically been a major center of silk production along the famous Silk Road.

When you wear an AZEZANA scarf, you carry the hopes and dreams of Afghan women with you!

Size: 180cm x 40cm

Material: Pure Silk

Color: Brown with black fringes

Pattern: Uni Exclusive

Out of stock

Out of stock


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